Friday, April 3, 2009

A work in progress......

We'll, we've had a fun time trying to get Pirate Parker's room together. Dave switched the light sockets and switches to white. I cleaned the baseboards. Dave installed a fan and our wonderful parents provided the cute furniture that Dave put together! Thanks Mom and Dad and Joyce and Dan. It's coming together.... :) Everyone has been asking us about nick names. Dave said PAR for golf (just joking) and my dad thinks it should be Captain Jack Sparrow Jr! Guess who is Captain Jack Senior...DAVE!! LOL Who needs a nick name anyways? It's fun.....but Parker will do!


  1. It's looking really adorable, Katie! The gifts were a great idea! Taking care of the big stuff really helps ease the stress of getting things together!

  2. Love the furniture. You all are so on top of preparing for you little one. I don't think we even thought about furniture until maybe 1 month before arrival. Thanks for sharing we are enjoying your updates.