Wednesday, May 20, 2009

28 Week Sonogram

We had a great appointment. Parker is measuring 3 pounds 8 ounces. They measured him 4 days ahead of schedule which he said was not bad! I got the lovely Rogam shot today and get to carry a card around showing I am A negative blood type! Parker was a little stubborn today. He doesn't like to show his cute face yet. I was totally wrong too on how i thought he was positioned. I thought he was kicking me hard and really he's hitting me hard with his hands. The flutters I am feelilng on the other side were not his hands they were his feet. If he has strong hands then he'll definately be a great ball player! :) I've been putting the remote on my stomach and Dave and I get a kick out him making it pop up on my stomach. It's like a little game. Enjoy the pictures though it's kind of hard to see! We have an appt in 2 weeks and another sono 4 weeks from today. We'll keep you posted.