Thursday, March 18, 2010


J-Pa feeding Parker at the PIRATES 4-D! The cannon with the "poof" of air scared parker! We couldn't help but laugh. He got over it quickly!

Mausie and Parker in San Antonio getting ready to go outside by the pool!

Our trip started out in Georgetown visiting Grandma and Grampa Thomas and Aunt Jenn! Parker enjoyed his time with his Grandparents!

Grandma Thomas and Parker playing before bedtime!

Aunt Jenn loving on Parker!

Getting ready to get my feet wet at the hotel in San Antonio!

Getting my feet wet at the hotel! I loved wearing my "COOL" Shades!

Parker enjoying Mausie and J-Pa before we left back home!

Parker with Mama and Dada (DADA-a syllable that parker now saying!)

A cold morning mama put me in the water for a photo opt! We loved our vacation and it went by WAY TOO FAST!


Swinging is my thing! It's so much fun. Here I am swinging at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown with my Grandma and Grampa Thomas and Aunt Jenn! We had a "SWINGIN" Time!

After swinging, I posed for a picture with Grandma Thomas and Aunt Jenn!

This is a picture of my first time in a swing in Coppell. The first sway of the swing, my eyes lit up and i began to laugh and smile! I love to swing!

7 Months

7 Months-Spring Break

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

7 Months Old and Growing!

I can hit the buttons on my toys!

Holding my own bottles has been a new thing for me! I like that i can be independent!

This pose was for my Calvin Klein Photo Shoot!

I smile all the time!

Yesterday I turned 7 months old. I am sitting up really well! I like to ramble on but no words just yet. Mom has been putting me on my stomach. I wiggle my legs and i hold my self up but I am not quite getting anywhere just yet! I am eating lots of Gerber foods like yogurt bites and the gerber foods that look like cheerios, and Gerber snacks that look like cheetos. I saw both grandparents last month and am going for a visit to see both during spring break! I am enjoying holding all my toys and chewing on them. No teeth yet, but we hope soon. I have been soaking my t-shirts from chewing on them. Growing like a weed! My next doctor's appt is at the end of this month!