Monday, June 21, 2010

Mischievious Parker Man...What a Ham!

Major Milestones: 10 Months

Standing up has been a huge milestones that has it's ups and downs. He's so happy to stand but it's come with a few bumps and bruises!

Parker is 10 months old and he is wearing his new sunglasses and eating a graham cracker. That is one major change during his 10 month state. Parker has been eating people food for all his meals!

Parker also keeps us on his toes as he CRAWLS everywhere. Here he has discovered the dog dish and this was the before picture. Parker likes to drench himself in water!

This picture was taken on a day of 102 degrees! Still cute even though he's serious!

This is parker at his second Texas Rangers game. His love of baseball (Ahem! Parent's love of baseball) has inspired us to throw his first birthday in July as a Baseball Bash!

Parker LOVES to swim. Parker during his 10 month took two weeks of swim lessons and has a LOVE of water!