Thursday, July 23, 2009

We've nailed down a date!

Set your calendars b/c Parker's date of arrival is set for August 5th. We are having an elective c-section. Should be fast and furious! We are at peace w/ all plans and eagerly waiting these last couple weeks. We had an appt today and Dr said he shows no signs of anything happening next week while he's on vacation so all systems are a go for waiting it out and letting those lungs mature! Whoo hoo! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009


What an emtional roller coaster we've been on. Trying to come up with our birthing plan has been rough. When i told my doctor we made our decision he was kind of surprised and wanted me to go to a specialist of fetal medicine to do a thorough sonogram (more in depth then what they can give me in their office). This doctor made us feel the same way as before. It was up to us to pick inducing at 37 wks (w/ an amnio) or waiting until 39 wks. We talked about some risks of each but he said honestly either way I go he thought it will be fine. If i decided to 37 wks we'd set up an amnio next week and if not, we'd wait until 39 wks for lung maturity to reach it's maximum potential. He tried to get a decision out of us and Dave and I just looked more confused then ever. He said to think about it and to call my regular dr the next day to talk about it. What's been most frustrating is I am not the Dr and I do not know what's right. I am just waiting on someone (Dr or Fetal Specialist) to tell us that this is the best plan for us!

This whole time we'd been leaning toward the amnio until today when my regular Dr called me back and it was like talking to a whole other person. He was so frank with me and just laid it out. Decision made! He even told me more today then I knew before. I don't know why he was holding back or if he wanted to confirm info with the specialist. My doctor is a husband of 10 kids and has delivered tons of babies so i was just wanting him to talk to me like as if it was his wife or his baby being born! He truely is a great doctor and I have all faith in him but was looking for some direction.

So we learned that there's definate risks with the amnio b/c my baby is facing anterior not posterior and he would have to go through the placenta with the needle which can induce labor immediately if he ruptured my water. That would not be good since the point of the amnio is to see the lung maturity.

He also felt that either way I'd have a c-section b/c of the size of the baby and the chance of a shoulder diplaced amongst some other issues. He actually said if i waited until the 39th week he would do a c-section with no labor regardless due to the shoulder diplacement issue and the size of the baby amongst some other issues. :)

There's so much more to add but I am leaving it to that. Decision made: We were guided with a professional opinion and we're waiting out the 39 weeks until August 5th and we're having a c-section. With that being said, there's still a chance of going into labor before that but he monitors that with weekly appointments and nothing has shown signs of that yet! It's all in God's hands from here.

We'd still need your prayers and love. This has been a tough couple of days.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We had a very informative appointment today with a big decision to make. Parker is measuring 8 pounds and I am measuring between 39-40 weeks (I'm suppose to be 36 weeks). We were given two options: 1. Do an amniocentesis next week and if the lungs look okay he could induce on Saturday, July 25 OR 2. Wait out the 39 weeks for lung development and "try" to have a large baby with a few risks.
This was a tough decision and dave and I weighed a lot of pro's and con's of both but we have decided to go with an amniocentesis next week to see if the lungs look good. I have to call tomorrow to make the appointment but the sonogram lady today said she thought the lungs looked great. We saw the belly moving up and down and i told her that Parker gets hiccups often and she said that's even a better sign that he's breathing great, so we're hopeful that we get a good amniocentesis and can induce on the following saturday. Worst case scenario is his lungs aren't developed and we wait out the 39 weeks.
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