Sunday, December 13, 2009

18 weeks and growing

Finally an update: Parker is now eating cereal and baby food. He is growing like a weed. We were asked today if he was 6 months and we're like, "um no...he's 4 1/2 months!" We're use to those comments and yes he's a big boy but he is healthy and as cute as can be! He wears 6-9 month clothes currently. His head is stable now and he is holding rattles and working on bringing them to his mouth as he is teething and drooling! We are working on rolling over and sitting up but we're not quite there yet! When he's on his stomach his legs wiggle like he wants to move somewhere but doesn't quite know how to go about it! He is a thumb sucker in a half. It soothes him. He refuses his pacifiers and wants his thumb and it puts him right to sleep! He is the cutest thing and we are loving his age! That's the update on Parker man and we'll keep you updated on the things he's doing! MERRY XMAS!