Monday, January 19, 2009

The Journey Begins!

Welcome to our blog. We would love to share our journey with you starting at the beginning so here we go. Dave and I started out with a Doctor in the Coppell area and they projected me 3 weeks further along then what we actually were. We ended up switching Doctors to an amazing doctor which is the same one Kate (my sister in law) used. I saw how she was taken care of and I knew he would be a good fit for us. We immediately had a sonogram done to find out when an actual due date would be since the previous one was just a guess. It was official! I was 10 weeks along and given a due date of August 11th! I am writing this in my 11th week if you're keeping track! Dave and I got to see a hyper baby- flailing it's arms in the sonogram. They said it looked like an inch and a half gummi bear, the size of a peanut. :) My next appointment is February 4th (mom's b-day) and I will have some testing done that will detect any early birth defects. More then anything we look forward to seeing the same heart beat and baby. Sonograms just show you how realistic things are. We were told we would find out the sex of the baby sometime after the 18th week. I've really only had symptoms of food advertions and exhaustion. I hear it could be worse so I am thankful. We look forward to sharing our journey and we hope you'll check our blog for more updates in the future!! Look forward to hearing from you.

10 Week Sonogram