Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We had a very informative appointment today with a big decision to make. Parker is measuring 8 pounds and I am measuring between 39-40 weeks (I'm suppose to be 36 weeks). We were given two options: 1. Do an amniocentesis next week and if the lungs look okay he could induce on Saturday, July 25 OR 2. Wait out the 39 weeks for lung development and "try" to have a large baby with a few risks.
This was a tough decision and dave and I weighed a lot of pro's and con's of both but we have decided to go with an amniocentesis next week to see if the lungs look good. I have to call tomorrow to make the appointment but the sonogram lady today said she thought the lungs looked great. We saw the belly moving up and down and i told her that Parker gets hiccups often and she said that's even a better sign that he's breathing great, so we're hopeful that we get a good amniocentesis and can induce on the following saturday. Worst case scenario is his lungs aren't developed and we wait out the 39 weeks.
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