Wednesday, April 22, 2009

24 Week Appointment

Well the belly is growing! My brain tells me to operate full speed as normal but my body is starting to send me signals to slow down. I went to my 24 week appointment today and it went well. He measured my belly, checked the heart beat, and commented on how much movement that was going on. Yes, Parker is moving and kicking like CRAZY. They only thing going on is a little side belly pain when i want to walk fast. Doc said to get a Belly Band!! Whoo hoo that it would help support the stomach and take that pain away b/c it was pulling on a ligament in the belly. Things are good and I have another appointment for the glucose check in two weeks. I go back two weeks after that for the Rogam shot. This school year is making the pregnancy fly by so fast. Summer will be here before you know it and future showers are around the corner. We wish we could see all you out of staters! :)

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