Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My 6 Month Debut

I turned 6 months old. I went to the doctor for my routine shots. I cried during the shot but as soon as it was over gave the nurse a BIG SMILE! I weigh 20 pounds even and am 27 inches long. I am loving yogurt bites, cheerios, and the teething biscuits. I have been eating 2nd foods but am now eating the ones with meats and chicken. I am enjoying rolling over and am reaching for things like crazy. Today I grabbed a teething biscuit from mom's hand and put it right in my mouth! I love to drink water out of my sippie cup! Sitting up has been fun and my favorite show is YO GABBA GABBA! I am wearing 12 month clothing. I have the cutest laugh you can imagine!

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