Wednesday, June 10, 2009


WHEW! The showers were lots of fun and they've come to an end. It was so good to see my friends and family and catching up with friends i haven't seen in awhile. In the mean time, Parker must be growing. His kicks and punches are becoming more visable to the eye and I can feel him quite often. Mom even pushed on my stomach and it felt like he did a whole flip around. It was quite interesting. I am looking forward to my next appointment June 17th where we can see Parker again through sono. I am hoping for some better sonogram pictures and maybe even some 4D ones (fingers crossed). We'll keep you posted! The fun part is here: SUMMER! Let's hope it's not too hot of one. I need a swimming pool! Maybe I'll buy a kiddie pool. :) As I left school Friday my teacher friends were coming up saying, "The next time we'll see you, you'll be a mommy!" That was so weird to hear but very true!

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